Hacienda del Lago is a beautifully landscaped Austin event venue with breathtaking lake and hill country views. Our outdoor ceremony site is ideal for a distinctly Texas Hill country wedding. Our secluded 3600 square foot Arabian style tent comfortably accommodates up to 200 guests with a dance floor, and features high peaked ceilings and magnificent flagstone floors. We are truly a hill country gem.

Hacienda del Lago Pricing

No Surprises, Comprehensive, Stress-Free Pricing!

Day Packages Time Price
Noon until Midnight $7,500 + 6% tax*
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs  Not Available Currently  
Weekend Package #1 (Friday to Sunday) 3pm Fri to 12pm Sun $10,000 + 6% tax*

* $25/person for each additional guest above 150 (Maximum of 200)
This allows us to bring in the necessary additional staff needed to set up the additional tales, manages additional cars and all the tasks that are essential to keep an event of over 150 running flawlessly.

** Except for Holidays (e.g., Labor or Memorial Day), which are charged at 125% the normal daily rate.

Why our pricing is different and what you should consider when evaluating venues

Hacienda del Lago recognizes that one of the most confusing parts about selecting a venue and planning a wedding is figuring out just how much everything will cost. Prior to opening almost 10 years ago, we did our homework. We spoke to hundreds of couples and one of the biggest complaints was that so many venues draw couples in with low prices, but then “nickel and dime” them with a multitude of add-ons. In many cases, the final amount that couples paid to their venues was more than TWICE the price they were originally quoted!

At Hacienda del Lago, we take the simple and transparent approach. Our pricing includes most all venue-related costs, including:

Full-day (minimum 12 hour) rentals. Officially it is from noon until midnight, but if there is not an event the evening before, you are welcome to arrive as early as you would like that day, providing you have scheduled this with us in advance. 

• A beautiful ceremony area with the main sailing basin of Lake Travis as your backdrop

• A permanent 3,600 sq. ft. Arabian-Style tent with a stone floor and dance floor. Ambient lighting with men’s and women’s bathrooms that are ADA compliant.

Tables & Chairs for the ceremony, cocktail and reception areas for 150 guests (however, we can accommodate up to 200 for an additional nominal) included. The tent is also used for ceremonies in the unlikely event of rain.

Staff of 3-4 people ALL day to set up chairs, tables, put decoration in trees, manage parking, keep the bathrooms clean, keep the fire pit going seamlessly. Essentially, the only item that we do not provide are linens (tablecloths), as we have found most couples want to select their own linens to match their colors and vision.

• Since Hacienda del Lago is ½ mile outside of Austin, our occupancy tax is only 6% instead of the 9% required within the city limits.

Flexibility with vendors Ever wonder why many venues restrict you to using only a few vendors? This is because most venues who restrict you to just a few vendors receive financial incentives from vendors to be the preferred vendor. This not only leads to bias on the part of the venue but complacency and poor service from those preferred vendors. At Hacienda del Lago, we have in house options for many things including full catering but you can also work with outside vendors of your choosing for catering, flowers, entertainment, etc. The only services that are not available via outside vendors are alcohol and beverage services (must be procured, staffed and managed through Hacienda del Lago).

Hacienda del Lago adheres to a strict policy of accepting NO Financial Incentives from any vendors we do business with or recommend to our clients. If we recommend a vendor, it is because we believe in them and have seen them in action at events here at Hacienda del Lago and beyond. We want each of our clients to have the best of the best on their big day for you not for us.

We do not require security! Since Hacienda del Lago staff will be at the event all day, we don’t require additional security services. Fortunately, over the almost 10 years we have been in business, we have NEVER had to call law enforcement. We DO make every effort to make sure no one drives home drunk. Uber, Lyft, etc. all service Hacienda del Lago.

• We also not only allow, but ENCOURAGE, drivers who have had too much to drink to get a ride home or “uber” home and pick their cars up the day after. We also work with several hotels who provide FREE or discounted shuttle services to and from the venue!

We do not require that you hire a wedding planner! We do not require our couples to hire a wedding planner, since we as we do serve quite a few of the functions of wedding planners. We have 2-3 staff members who arrive between 10 to 11 am to set up chairs, tables, interact with vendors, etc. and we have at least one person on site until the end of the event. Couples are responsible for decorations, placing linens on tables, centerpieces, and organizing the removal of all of these at the end of the event. We are happy to help you with planning before your wedding. We also have an in house day of wedding planner available to hire for an additional fee.

We welcome all wedding planners in the industry as well as brides who chose to take this role on themselves.

Rest assured we will help make your day as easy possible no matter which route you take!